Implant Real-time Imaging System

Real-time Implant Navigation System

The Implant Real-time Imaging System (IRIS-100) features the utilization of optical tracking systems to instantly visualize the implant handpiece and drill together with a CBCT 3D image. With the aid of this real-time imaging system, users can see the position of the drill and also data such as bone quality, nerve and sinus location and more.


This critical data can assist the implantologists in navigating and give real-time guidance during implant surgery. Similar to a car navigation system, the system is set up to visualize the destination and helps to guide the pre-planned placement of implants, avoiding dangerous areas, increasing the likelihood of successful implant surgery.




Highly compatible

The system is compatible with different CBCT 3D image brands for pre-surgical planning. The different CBCT 3D image brands have been pre-built into the software system. Different brands of implant handpieces, implant screws and drills can also be integrated into the software.


Accurate optical space locating system. The accuracy is not affected even if the patient moves his head.


The implant navigation mode allows for virtual navigation before implant placement which displays pertinent information including bone quality, nerve and sinus location. The system can provide both experienced doctors and beginners instant and accurate information for reference before the actual implant procedure.

Guidance and warning

The implant guidance mode can assist doctors who are unfamiliar with implant surgery to verify position, angle, and depth of drill placement which results in safer more reliable procedures.

Autoclavable and reusable

The occlusal guide appliance set and adjustable guide holder are disposable and are available for re-purchase.

Space saving and compatible

Upgrade existing equipment easily and when equipped with high end computers can make the clinic more attractive.