No response on stepping the pedal:
1. Make sure the power and air of the compressor is on and it can function normally.
2. Make sure the adjustable hanging pole is not at initial position for the handpiece, which cannot be trigger.


No respond on software during preparation:
1. Check if the attachment from the Core/Simulation unit to the pedal is loosened.
2. Make sure the burs you use are identical to the one you chose in the system software.
3. Make sure the bur is fully inserted into the handpiece.
4. The correct jaw positioner is used.

1. Switch on the laser and make sure the laser points locate inside the tracking zone. If not, please adjust the tracking unit.
2. Verify all the necessary tracking devices are located inside the tracking range.
3. Please check if the signal line is loose. If yes, attach the wire according to the instructions.
4. Make sure the correct jaw positioner is used and the USB is attached firmly.
5. Remove the unused positioners that locate inside the tracking zone.
6. Verify if the connection of the handpiece is loosened. If yes, attach it firmly.
7. Please make sure there are no objects blocking the tracking path.
8. Please remove any objects that reflect the light within the tracking zone.
9. Make sure the unit is away from exposing to sunlight or halogen lamp.
10. Please contact the local dealer if the tracking unit has been struck by external forces and lost its tracking function.

1. Please make sure the Water switch of the foot pedal is on.
2. Try to adjust the water delivery adjustment knob.
3. Please check if the water supply bottle is empty. Refill with clean water if yes.

1. Verify if the quick coupling is securely connected to the handpiece. If not, tightly re-connect the handpiece and make sure a click sound is heard.
2. Open the back of the simulation unit and confirm the value of the pressure gauge is equal to or more than 0.55MPa. If not, adjust the pressure gauge shown as below.
3. While running the handpiece, verify if the pressure gauge is more than 32PSI. If not, contact your local distributor or the EPED main office.
4. Adjust and fix any internal handpiece tubing that has been bent or kinked in the simulation unit.

1. Please check if the air tube is attached firmly between the unit and compressor.
2. Check if the bottles in the unit are locked tightly.
3. Verify if the suction tube placing on the right position.


1. When adjusting the tracking unit in the “Setting” menu, move the tracking unit in the green box and laser spot targets on the nose tip of the phantom. After adjustment, complete the full-mouth calibration. Note: When adjusting the laser spot location, the green box may turn red which is within normal operating procedure. When adjusting the laser spot while moving the tracking unit, DO NOT move the arm position.

2. If the tracking unit is unable to be adjusted to the green box, make sure the phantom position is 90 ° vertical to the ground.

1. If users hear a warning sound indicating tracking failure during the operation, remove or adjust anything that may be blocking the tracking position system.
2. If tracking lost occurs irregularly, the problem may be caused due to USB disconnection, make sure the USB handpiece is firmly connected.
3. Remove any reflective objects (such as a watch) near the handpiece or positioner.
4. The system is an infra-red tracking system, designed to be resistant to light interference, however tracking lost may occur with strong and continuous light (such as sunlight, halogen, etc.). Avoid any type of environmental interference for optimal use.

1. Confirm the correct teeth have been selected.
2. Check if there is damage to the calibrated tooth. If the calibrated tooth is damaged, replace with a new tooth and re-do the full mouth calibration.
3. If any of the above failed to solve the problem, please contact EPED Inc. or the local dealer.

If the accuracy becomes questionable during operation, please follow these steps below:
1. Make sure the color of the full mouth calibration result is green before operation.
2. Make sure to complete the single tooth calibration correctly.

Log in the administrator account to go back to the Welcome screen and press F11 to exit. The program will exit back to Windows.