Eped Inc. is a professional medical equipment company. As a leader in navigation system technologies, Eped Inc. is in constant pursuit of technological innovations and flexible product portfolios to meet the challenges of the medical clinical and educational market. The Company philosophy in the


Near-term is the development of medical educational products; in the

Mid-term, development of clinical products; and in the

Long-term, becoming a company known world wide for the development of medical and educational clinical systems.


Products of Eped Inc. features "precise, minimally invasive and safe technologies", with a key aspect of presenting these features in “real time”. Optical guidance technology developed by Eped Inc. allows for continuous improvement and corrections during surgery. Whether it is through educational products or a combination of computer tomography and optical positioning systems, the Eped product line enables physicians to perform oral three-dimensional image analysis and diagnosis, saving operation time, improving patient comfort, and raising the success rate and safety of surgery. Another major feature of the Eped system is the high compatibility with other systems and accessories. No matter what type of handpiece brand, large number of implant types, or other various systems, the unit can be adapted according to the environment to customize where it fits the users needs. Eped Inc. is capable of meeting different needs from customers. In addition to dental products, Eped Inc. has already developed and applied navigation system technologies to Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, E.N.T.(ear-nose-throat), Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, and other types of minimally invasive surgical applications. Medical departments have also been established to assist surgeons in completing these other types of various surgeries.






History of awards


 -  2008 Health Science and Technology Star Avenue, Pioneer Award


-  2009 small and medium-sized enterprises InnovationIncubationCenter, high-quality enterprise Award


 -  2015 Taiwan Excellence Award


 -  2016 ICT Month Innovative Elite Award


-  2016 Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award



Eped Inc. has also been certified with ISO13485, medical device GMP quality management certification,CE certificate,Class II certificate of TFDA (Taiwan), and Class III certificate of CFDA (China).